Sunset to sunrise electronic music label from the Balearic Ultras

Attraktors - Heavy Water (Ron Basejam Remix)

Heavy Water rushes in on a siren-like synthetic fanfare, while dramatic, rattling percussion promises some kind ofimminent lift-off. Mr. Basejam doesn’t disappoint, delivering a dynamite, deep, bass-heavy chug, tested by depth-charge sonar blips. A menacing LFO arpeggio propelling the piece out onto the peak-time dance-floor. Its snarlsoftened slightly as Ron launches that fanfare once more. Moody, magnificent, body-moving, it drops down to a congabreak, and then hits you with some real horns, before bringing that bolshy bastard of a beat back. Ltd edition 10" vinyl available from Juno


In the 21st Century, as and well it should be, this balearic beat business is a global affair. The music here has travelled from Daytona Beach, Dubai, London, Manchester, Moscow, Santa Fe, and Stockholm - plus, of course, a couple of bits from Brighton, showcasing local talent such as Perry Granville, and Andres Y Xavi.

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